About Us

The Problem

The road to your home is lengthy and complicated. Whether you invest in plots, residential, or commercial enterprises. If you’ve ever looked for a new home, you’d clearly be well-versed with the stresses involved.

We at identified burgeoning issues with the real estate business in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, and deduced that con artists, fake enterprises and fraudulent schemes further impede your path to finding a good home.

The use of false real estate advertisements to promote business, and alluring offers that appear to be below the market value are facets of fraud in the real estate industry. Hundreds of buyers are interested in a single-unit home in cities with acute housing shortages like Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Scammers cash on this issue, and commit real estate fraud by posting outdated properties with false information and photos on various real estate portals. Additionally, title fraud is undertaken by developers to steal money from unwary customers and put it in their own pockets.

Our Role is a real estate buying and selling platform that works on the No Commission, No Rebate Model, bridging the yawning gap between buyers and property owners. We guarantee 100% authentic properties, along with the contact details of the real owners to let you reap benefits from a credible, verified purchase.

Our salient USPs include:

  • Legally verified properties

  • Real Owners and their contact details displayed

  • Authentic/updated pictures of actual properties up for sale

No relying on verbal promises. We encourage you to ask the real owners to supply all information in writing, and to check the fine prints to make sure that you are aware of the payment arrangements.